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You Are Beautiful to Me Quotes

of quotes Thank you for loving me. Thats all. I *love you

Me But Hate You!” Death Responded, ”Because You Are A Beautiful

birthday gives me another chance to tell you that you mean more to me


see things the way you do so you keep the wonderful memories but you

it be filled with happiness – love and peace ♥ big hug from me

thumbnail of quotes I don care what you think of me, I am who I am

The Most Beautiful Love Quotes Move You

You never called me beautiful; not even once or twice. You never sad

You may shoot me with your words.. | Inspirational Quotes

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You said you don want me anymore And you left me Standing on a

sending you all my love to wish you happiness today always happy

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t Mini Winter Series : Outfit of the Day

Some people come into your life…

not beautiful like you, Im beautiful like me

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me feel pretty amazing. I hope my amazingness rubbed off on you too

you might wake up one day and realize that you’ve lost a diamond