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We Did It Quotes

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thought we did pretty good defensively, We sometimes messed up

we did, it almost feels like weve been swept. Thats a tough loss

Ray Goldbar - We did not have a good meet at all. On the bars alone we

Aaron McGruder - We wrote the script, we did a six-minute presentation

weve been working for, and we finally did it. Its indescribable

Well, we think the broadcasts did have some effect, because we see the

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Calvin Saunders - We didnt execute during crunch time. They did a

Bruce Carlson - We did a lot of arm-twisting and cajoling. She doesnt

Political Cartoons by Eric Allie

everything went perfectly. But we did what we wanted to, and we won

We did invite the other side of that race, but they couldnt do it

We will never forget what you did for us the rest of your lives. Thank

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We did a good job well from 3s. They did a good job of blocking us out

If We All Did Things We Were Capable of

This is an ethical dilemma, and we did find several instances in which