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I Understand Quotes

James Collins - If you can help other people understand those truths

understand my mistakes, and I Promise to understand yours too

No One Understand Me Quotes

Isaiah Berlin - To understand is to perceive patterns.

Some ppl will never understand me or why I have or do the things Ive

Understand Quotes


If you continue to avoid me You will merely become a memory. I don

Sometimes people just don’t understand…

Quotes Picture: i know you love me, but you also do not understand me

Quotes from Ashleigh Erb: Behind my smile is everything youll never

If You Don’t Understand My Silence

There Are Some Things We Will Never Understand Quotes

is the idol of the mob; it adores everything it does not understand

Timely Wisdom: Quotes

. It has to do with opening your mind to things you dont understand

you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

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