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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sunday, February 08, 2009

am planning to go to a gift market this weekend. I want to look for

And my sisters family lives in this next house, just down the road

The project I am proclaiming is the frames below. I have four large

am hanging my tag booklet on a window that is hanging in my studio

Some of my favorite Holiday Tables from this event are still to come

pile is PART of what did NOT go back into my closet. I filled up four

like the way this wall is coming along. As I run across new estate

Silver Trappings: February 2010

have only listed two items in my Etsy store, but more is coming soon

Silver Trappings: July 2009

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Silver Trappings: Get Your Kitchen Ready (to sell your house)

real love and honesty quotes

GOD bless America and you.

And now I think I am going to have another cup of coffee.

My husband put adjustable shelves in the closet for me. Lots of

more quotes pictures under honesty quotes html code for picture

Procrastinators Party!

more quotes pictures under life quotes html code for picture

Silver Trappings: Clear Out Closets and Clutter Before You Put Your

great chandelier that my mom gave me for my birthday!

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Then one day I ran across four really old bells at an estate sale for

Below are a few of the thumb tacks I made from vintage jewelry.

great chandelier that my mom gave me for my birthday!

found this little glass bucket at a thrift store. It sits on my desk